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Brisbane Hash House Harriers' Clubs

These are the Brisbane Hash Clubs and the days when they run. Just click on their name to go to their website or email.









Brisbane H3 (Mens)

A mens only hash that runs every Monday @ 6.15pm.

GM's XXXX & Divot

Contact F*#knut 0417727744 M Head Trailmaster: XXXX 0407747378 M


Bayside H3

A mixed hash that runs every Tuesday @ 6.30pm

Contact: GMaster Rhetoric 0410883638

or GMatress Charlatan 0412134818



Brisbane Halfway H3

A mixed hash that run every Wednesday @ 6.00pm for 6.30pm start

Contact: GM Foreskin 0423 701 589  M      

or GM Bite 'n Suck

 0434122209 M        

Email (click)

   Brisbane Thirsty H3

A mixed hash that run every Thursday @ 6.15pm for 6.30pm sharp start

GM: Thunderbox

Contact:Onsex Sherbet

Email (click) 


   Skinnychino H3

A mixed hash that run every Saturday @ 6.00am

The run lasts about an hour followed by a Skinnychino Coffee & breakfast in the cafe.


GM Mega-Drive    Email (click)

   Brisbane Sunday Bike Hash

A mixed hash that rides approx once a month on Sunday morning.

Contact:GM Cheesecake 0432386147 M

or Hash Cash To & From 0409765162

Email (click)


Brisbane Harriettes (Women)

A ladies only hash that runs every Monday @ 6.30pm

Contact: Onsex Email (click)



Brisbane Southside H3

A mixed hash that run every Tuesday @ 6.30pm South of Brisbane to Beenleigh

GM: Skidmark

Contact: Paul "Muff Diver" Beattie 0455888066 M

Email (click)


Breakfast Creek Hotel H3 

A mixed hash that run every Wednesday @ 6.00pm

There are up to 40 at dinner at the Breakfast Creek Hotel for each run and most are now walkers. They have 5 dogs and give free Birthday drinks.

Contact: Peter "Vaseline" Roush 0408878922 M

Email (click)


Runs from West End, Brisbane


Inaugural run is 31 January 2024 from the Boundary Hotel, West End Brisbane


Contact WOPA 0417 467 811


 Brisbane Brewery Hash House Harriers

We meet on the 1st Saturday of January, April, July and October at a different brewery in SE QLD.

Contact: Jake The Peg



   Samford H3

A mixed hash that run on Sunday @ 4.00pm in Winter & 5.00pm in Summer.

Contact: Joe "Stubby" Ellis (07) 34252849 H

Email (click)


  Redlands H3

A mixed hash that run every Monday @ 6.30pm. Runs are generally set around the Redlands area.


Email (click)



 Story Bridge Quarterly Full Moon Hash

A mixed hash that runs quarterly. Starts from the Story Bridge Hotel nearest the full moon in March, June, September & December

Contact: Boxer    0408619010 M             Email (click)


   Brisbane Northside H3

A mixed hash that run every Monday @ 6.30pm sharp

Contact: GM Flower

Mob: 0408 706 641

Email (click)



  Royal Exchange H3

Hashers since 1998. A mixed hash that run/walk from the Royal Exchange Hotel at 10 High St, Toowong, Brisbane.

Wednesday @ 6.05 pm

Contact: Gil Brant
0412 216 848

David Greig
07 3891 6620

Running is slow to fast & there is a walking group. We are usually out between 40 to 45 minutes.

We also have regular social events.



Run at 6.30pm within the Postcode of 4171.

More Information at



Run Wednesdays in Brisbane. 6.30pm Start. $0

Contact WOPA 0417 467 811